Term and Conditions

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The terms and conditions mentioned below should be read very carefully since the use of service is subject to your acceptance and compliance with the below mentioned terms and conditions.

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General Information

We welcome you to visit (here referred to as our "Website") which is registered under the name of SRSA Retail Arm Private Limited which is incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956.

Your usage of the services, tools and actions on the Website are governed and authorized according to the Terms and Conditions that are applicable to the website. If you make a transaction on our Website then you will be considered and subjected to the policies, terms and conditions that are applied to the website for undertaking such transaction. By regular usage of the website, you shall be obliging and adhering to the terms and conditions of TRMPI.

For the usage of the terms and conditions, wherever there is a use of "You" or "User" will be referred to any legal or natural person who has given consent to enroll as a member of the website by furnishing registration information while making a registration on the Website as a registered user with the help of computer systems. TRMPI permits the user to browse the website or make transactions without creating an account on the Website. There is a usage of "we", "us", "our" which will be used for TRMPI only. Browsing, Accessing or Surfing the Website for any purpose will be acknowledged as your agreement and consent to all the Terms and Conditions mentioned in this agreement. Hence it is advised to read this agreement carefully before proceeding ahead.

The products, services and information showcased on the website comprise of an "Invitation to Offer". Your purchase order will comprise your "offer" which shall be subject to the terms and conditions mentioned below. TRMPI reserves and governs the right of acceptance and rejection of your offer. If you provide your valid and authentic email address, you will receive a notification from our end via email at the earliest to get a confirmation receipt of your order and communicate back to ensue and authenticate your order detail to process your order quickly. The acceptance of purchase order at our end will be confirmed after dispatching the product or products ordered at our end. No omission or act of TRMPI prior to the actual dispatch of the product or products will be considered as an acceptance of your offer.

Membership Criteria

The usage of will only be availed to people who can enter into legal binding contracts that fall under applicable law. People who are "incompetent to contract" under the pretext of Indian Contracts Act, 1872 inclusive of un-discharged insolvents, etc. are not legible to use the website. The usage of the site is only permitted if you are above 18 years.

TRMPI reserves and holds the right to cease your membership and refuse to give you an access to use the website if TRMPI finds out that you are below 18 years of age. The products, services, information furnished on the website are solely the property of TRMPI. Those people who access the website from outside India are mandatory responsible to comply with the local laws if and to the scope these local laws are valid. TRMPI delivers its products only Pan India and will not be responsible for any claims that are made by a person who has ordered the products from outside India. By using the products and services of TRMPI, you make consent to be legally bound to the Terms and Conditions.


TRMPI reserves all the rights to modify, amend or discontinue the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as necessarily required without giving any prior notification for the same. The modifications can be related to addition of fees, charges, etc. Either of the modifications made will be immediately made to effect. We suggest our site visitors, customers, etc. to read the Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy on regular basis to keep oneself updated. The usage made post modifications will be considered to be an acceptance of terms and conditions by the end user.

Registration Process

We truly notify it to be the user's responsibility with respect to safeguard and ensure the confidentiality of the account and password details for which the user needs to agree to make and acceptance that appear during registration process. TRMPI will not be responsible or liable to its users for any loss, damage or misuse which might occur due to the failure in protecting the details pertaining to account and password. In case you find that there is any suspected breach then we advise you to immediately contact us for the same. If TRMPI finds that there are like chances of being misused due to breach of security then advice you to alter or change the details with respect to account and password or else we might suspend it from our end without any liability to

While registering with TRMPI we require you to:
1. Furnish and provide accurate, authentic and latest information of yourself as required by TRMPI website at the time of registration process.
2. Update the data on regular basis as required. In case we discover that the information provided by you is not correct, incomplete or forged or is not according to User Agreement, then TRMPI reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend your membership and hold your access of the site as well.


1. Credit Card Details

TRMPI agrees, understands and gives a consent for the credit card details that is provided by you for ordering and availing the products and services on the website will be considered to be latest, accurate and correct from every perspective. We strictly deny the usage of credit card that does not belong to you or legally owned by you. Hence further you will agree to furnish accurate and authentic credit card details to TRMPI. The details provided by credit card will not be shared or communicated or used by us or with any other third party unless it is needed to make fraud verifications by regulation, law or by court order. The user will bear the consequences and liabilities if the usage of the card is fraudulently made.

2. Fraud Transactions

In case the user makes fraud usage of the site, then we reserve the right to recover the costs, collecting charges and fees of lawyer from concerned person or persons. We reserve the authority and right to commence legal proceedings against the person or persons who are responsible for the fraudulent usage of the website.

3. Cancellations by the Customer

If we receive a cancellation for any product that is ordered and yet has not been shipped from our end, then we will cancel the order and make a refund of the entire amount. However, if cancellations take place post dispatch of the order then you need to refer our Returns Policy for further process.

4. Cancellations by TRMPI

Under certain cases and circumstances it might be a situation wherein we cannot accept an order and so we might be forced to cancel the receiving of your order. TRMPI reserves the authority to cancel or refuse the order for any reason as per our sole discretion. Some of the situations that may be the reason for cancellation can be limited availability of quantity, errors, identification of frauds, change in pricing or product information, etc. We might ask you for furnishing additional information while accepting your order. Our representatives might contact you if in case the order needs to be cancelled or if any further information is required to accept your purchase order. If your order gets cancelled post payment made by credit card, then the amount will be transferred back into your card account.


The payments made for the transactions undertaken on must compulsorily be in the Indian Rupees currency that is acceptable by the Union of India. TRMPI does not accept the payment in any other form of currency. Before dispatching and delivering the product at the mentioned delivery address, we might request you to furnish supporting documents to ensure safe online shopping experience and environment for our users.

Conduct of User

TRMPI finds it necessary and mandatory for the users to acknowledge and give consent to the following terms and conditions reflecting the conduct of user.

1. You will use the products and services offered by, its consultants, its companies and contracted companies only for legal purposes and adhere to all the laws, rules and regulations that are applicable upon using the website and undertake transactions on the website.

2. You must furnish authentic, true, correct and complete information wherever it is required on the website. TRMPI reserves the rights of confirming and validating the information that is provided from your end. Upon validating if we find the details to be inaccurate then TRMPI reserves the right to dismiss your registration and get the services debarred.

The usage of site is not allowed for following intensions:

  • Publicizing abusive, harmful, obscene, vulgar, harassing, objectionable or unlawful content or material.
  • Transmission of materials that provokes civil liabilities or breaches any regulation, law, rule, conduct or lead to a criminal offence.
  • Gaining unlawful access to other IT systems.
  • Tampering with the websites or networks connected to the website.

We have ensured to make every effort in capturing and uploading images giving a feel of high resolution while studying the designs, colors, patterns and other details in the product. However, the appearance will clearly depend upon the system that you are using and thus we cannot take the guarantee for its accuracy.


While communicating to us via electronic forms of communication namely email, you henceforth give us consent or your adherence to receive electronic form of communication from our end too.

Intellectual Property Rights

Copyright and Trademark :

The visible material, brand name, logo, etc. that appears on site is an exclusive property of TRMPI and can be only utilized post seeking of permission from the trademark or copyright

owner. Any act that is found to include or involve distribution, copying, deep linking, posting, transmitting, modifying, tampering with the website or any other microsites without seeking a written permission from TRMPI will lead to a legal action and will be termed as an offence. Any act that includes violation of the terms and conditions will lead to an infringement of trademark, copyright or any other intellectual property rights; eventually leading to criminal or civil penalties.

Limitation of Liability

The site provides no guarantees and warranties and appears in "As Is" condition only. Hence the user needs to bear the consequences or risks that are connected with the usage of the website. TRMPI is no where responsible or holds the liability for omissions or errors or any technical problem that can crop up while using the website.